Phone Zone

Phone Repairs When You Need it Most

We have all heard that heartbreaking crunch as our phones or iPads have hit the ground. Whether it’s a minor crack or you have damaged your underlying LCD screen, repairs are often costly when you go straight to the manufacturer. PhoneZone offers affordable mobile phone repairs for iPads, iPhones and Samsung devices. Whether you use your device for leisure, work or schooling, any sort of damage can have an impact on your daily functioning and routine. Choose our services to offer you reliable solutions throughout Invercargill, Christchurch, Queenstown and Nelson.

iPad and iPhone Repair Services

While Apple design beautiful devices and create easy-to-use software, their phones and tablets are not indestructible. Their beautiful retina display screens are still made of glass and a strong impact is sure to cause some damage.

That is where we step in.

Our technicians are conveniently located nearby Nelson, Invercargill, and Christchurch. We complete cell phone repairs, iPhone screen replacements and iPad repairs that are not only affordable, but long-lasting as well. Whether it’s your headphone jack that isn’t working, your home button being stuck, or you have broken the screen, our team are able to repair the device and help you return to your regular use.

Samsung Replacement Screens

If you are the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy device, you will understand the heartbreak of a smashed screen and a long wait time for manufacture repairs. Our team can complete cell phone repairs quickly and at an affordable price. Your Samsung screen replacement will be completed with high quality materials and provide you with a near new result.

We also purchase old mobile devices and repair water-damaged phones and tablets. Whatever your mobile phone repair needs, we can complete them. Contact one of our four Christchurch, Invercargill and Nelson stores to find out more about our services or pop in to see our friendly staff. Choose a professional team that truly understand phone repairs to solve your device issues.

Computer Services

Latest technology in Computer Devices is bringing forth new creativity and beauty in aesthetics. It’s apparent and undeniable how much we use our computer devices, and most of us are dependent on them every day; both for business and personal use. So, to keep your Computer/Laptop devices up and running, we now have decided to provide Repair Services for our valuable customers to continue to use their devices without delay.

Please feel free to Contact us so that our Tech-Team can handle your Mobile device Problems.