Richmond Mall will move to the Covid -19 Protection Framework, at the Orange light setting from Friday the 3rd December 2021.

All stores will be open normal trading hours - Monday to Friday 9 am - 6 pm, Saturday 9 am - 5 pm and Sunday 10 am - 4 pm.

Richmond Mall will not be checking Vaccination Certificates on entry. Customers of all Vaccination statuses will need to enter Richmond Mall to gain access to essential services.

Retailers, Hospitality and Close Contact businesses will follow guidelines as set out in the Covid Protection Framework.

A friendly reminder that masks are mandatory for everyone over 12 years and are to be worn inside Richmond Mall and retail stores (unless a person is exempt).

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Deluxe Nails & Beauty

Come to our Deluxe Nail Salon for a day of pampering including full nail manicures and pedicures.


Acrylic White Tips or Clear Tips $61

Powder Gel $57

Pink & White $80

Overlay Powder Glitter (or Colour Tip) $75

Full Set of Toes $80

Full Set with Gel $75

SNS $62


Acrylic $40

Acrylic with Gel $52

Powder Gel $40

Forever French In Fill $45

Pink & White $45

Toe In Fill $40

MANICURE & PEDICURE (Extra $5 for French)

Regular Manicure $33

Manicure with French Polish $35

Spa Pedicure $39

Manicure & Spa Pedicure $62

Manicure & Shellac $50

Spa Pedicure & Shellac $61


Pedicure $26

Manicure $21

Buff Shape Nails $15

Buff Shape Toes $19

Just Colour Nails $11

Just Colour Toes $13

Manicure with Shellac $36

Spa Pedicure with Shellac $46

Nails Repair $6 each

Buff, Shape & Polish $18 Hand / $25 Toe

Nails Removal $27 Includes Colour

Airbrush Design $5 each / $30 for a Full Set

Buff, Shape & French Polish $22 Hand / $27 Toe

Just Colour $14 Hand / $16 Toe

Shellac Removal $15 (Extra)

Microblading $300

Eyebrows Tattoo $280

Microblading & Shading $350

Touch up after 4-6 Weeks $60

Touch up after 12 Months $100

Eyeliner Tattoo $100

Extention $80

Extention In Fill $40

Extention Volume $60

Extention Volume In Fill $30

Eyebrows $25

Eyelashes $25

Upper Lip $16

Chin $16

Upper Lip & Chin $20

Brows $16

Underarms $20

Full Arms $40

Half Arms $28

Full Legs $56

Half Legs $36

Bikini Lines $28

Brazilian $64

Toes $10

Chest or Back Wax $70

Shoulders Wax $50

Eyebrows Tidy Up $25

Brows or Lash Tinting $30

Facial Massage $7


Acrylic nails are for those people who bite or do not have strong, healthy nails. The acrylic nail is placed on the end of your natural nail, making them the length of your choice. A thin layer of acrylic is then applied over the top giving your nails a long and natural looking appearance.


This technique uses acrylic powder to fill in Acrylic Nails that have grown out. Acrylic In-Fills should be applied approximately every two weeks.


Gel Nails are for those people who don’t wish to colour or polish their nails. Two coats of gel are applied over on Acrylic tip leaving your nails with a clear and shiny appearance.


Acrylic Pink and White Powder is similar to acrylic nails except that a two-part procedure is used to give your nails a French manicure look. First a white powder is applied from the cuticle to the tip, and then a pink powder is applied to the rest of your nail. The result is a French manicure look that you do not have to worry about polishing.


This procedure is for those who are allergic to acrylic powder. Using the same technique as Acrylic Nails, a gel powder is applied in place of Acrylic powder to give your nails a long and natural looking appearance.


The Silk Wrap is for people who have chipping, cracking or breaking nails. Two layers of silk (similar to silk fabric) are applied with glue to the top of your natural nail using a gentle and safe procedure. The result is s strong, natural looking nails.


Our Manicures keep your hands looking great. First your cuticles are pushed back and tidied and then your fingernails are cut and shaped. Next, we massage your arms and then finish by polishing your nails.


Our Spa Pedicure is the ultimate in full body relaxation. First your feet are soaked in a whirlpool while you recline in a massage chair that massages your entire body. Then your toenails are trimmed, your cuticles are shaped, dead skins are removed, and a full leg massage is given. Next, we finish by polishing your toe nails.


Avoid letting cleanser, make-up remover, shampoo, or other detergents contact with eyebrows.

Rub Vitamin A & D ointment from the tail to top of eyebrows twice a day after getting up and going to bed.

Do not use your hand to remove peeling pieces from eyebrows. Let them flake out naturally.

Please go back after 4-6 weeks to be checked and touched up free.


Re-fills over the prescribed maximum 2-3-week period will be charged an extra fee.

We are not responsible for the following:

  • Breaking, cracking, lifting or infected nails
  • Damage to the original design (charges apply for rectification)
  • No Refund

If you require French Manicure or Pedicure $5 extra