Acquisitions is a leading retailer of desirable and exciting homewares and gift items with stores New Zealand wide.


Acquisitions began life in the late 1970s as a tiny, shop within the Dunedin Environment Centre. Two of the current company directors who had been involved with an environmental campaign being run from the Environment Centre had formed a trust to run the shop. The small shop was staffed with volunteers and sold trade aid goods and local craft items. Turnover was around $13,000 in it's first year.


When the volunteer workforce dried up the trust directors had to make a decision whether to 'fold up their tent' and finish up or inject some finance and become a commercial enterprise. They decided on the later and proceeded to max out their credit cards and bought out the other trust members. By then they had moved into a larger space in George Street, Dunedin and had to spread out what meagre stock holdings they could afford to fill the space and make it look interesting.


In 1986 'Third World Crafts' as it was known was ready for a change in direction. A new name was settled on and stock lines were adapted and levels increased until eventually 'Acquisitions' was the largest gift store in Dunedin.


1998 saw the popular store ready for a new lease of life in premises closer to the Meridian Mall, which had by then become the heart of Dunedin's central shopping precinct. A site was found in newly renovated premises at 286 George Street, which also had space upstairs for Acquisitions' head office. A new store layout and design was introduced featuring bold colours and interesting visual merchandising. 286 George Street was really the first crack at the modern contemporary stores that exist today.