Bay Audiology

Our Mission

The Bay Audiology mission is to help people experience the joy of better hearing. The team are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our clients through exceptional client care and personalised solutions.

Our Services

Bay Audiology offers a range of services to look after all your hearing needs. We’re here to help you, from diagnosing hearing difficulties, to fitting, servicing and maintaining hearing aids. We will make the journey easy for you and provide you with ongoing support and care.

  • Free Hearing Check - Initial check takes 20 minutes to let you know if you have a hearing loss or not. The free hearing check is available to everyone aged 18 years and over.
  • Diagnostic Hearing Test - Full detailed assessment with a clinician to discover the exact nature and extent of your hearing loss.
  • Pre-employment hearing assessments - get a baseline test before you start work in a noisy industry.
  • Personalised hearing solutions for all levels of hearing loss – We’ll ask detailed questions about your personal listening situations to figure out the hearing aids that are right for you.
  • Hearing Aid fittings – We offer a wide range of hearing aid brands, giving us variety of technology to choose your perfect hearing solution from.
  • Hearing Aid repairs and maintenance – Come back anytime for a quick clean and check or arrange repairs at our clinic.
  • Follow up consultations and adjustments - To make sure everything is going well, these appointments are FREE for the first year following the purchase of your hearing aids.
  • Hearing protection equipment and advice – We can provide custom-made ear plugs for professionals working in noisy occupational environments.
  • Funding assistance – Our New Zealand Audiology Society accredited audiologists can access funding for eligible Ministry of Health, ACC and Veterans’ Affairs clients.